Driver’s License and State ID

Please visit the Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services for detailed information on obtaining the Illinois Driver’s License, Temporary Visitor Driver’s License, or Illinois State ID Card.

Illinois Driver’s License:

  • If you are a first time driver and would like to practice driving before taking the behind-the-wheel driving test, you may apply for a 12-Month Instruction Permit.
  • All applicants must also pass a written test.  Please see the “Rules of the Road” for details on Illinois laws.
  • If you have a U.S. Social Security Number, you qualify for a Driver’s License, and may apply at any Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services Office location by presenting four forms of identification: (A) written signature; (B) Proof of Date of Birth; (C) Social Security Number; and (D) Residency.  Please click here for a list of acceptable forms of identification.

Illinois State ID Card:

  • If you wish to apply for an Illinois State ID Card, you must be able to provide the same documents listed for the driver’s license at any Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services Office location; however you will not need to take the driving test.

Illinois Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (TVDL):

  • If you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number, you may qualify for a Temporary Visitor Driver’s License (TVDL).  To apply for an Illinois TVDL, you must be:
    • A non-U.S. citizen who has been granted temporary and legal entry to the U.S.;
    • Temporarily residing in Illinois;
    • Ineligible for a Social Security number:  You need to get a letter from the Social Security Administration (SSA) Office stating that you are not eligible to have a Social Security Number.  This letter must be dated within 90 days of the date of your application for a TVDL, and can be obtained from any SSA office.
  • A qualified application must be authorized to be in the country for at least one year, and have at least six months remaining on an authorized stay.
  • A TVDL is valid for three years or for the period of time the applicant is authorized to stay in this country; whichever comes first.
  • There are only two Chicago area Driver Services Offices authorized to issue Temporary Visitor Driver’s Licenses: Chicago West Facility (5301 W. Lexington Street, Chicago, IL 60644) and Chicago North Facility (5401 N. Elston Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630).  Applicants must visit one of the two facilities in person during the business hours; appointments are not accepted.  Please check online for their current business hours.
  • Applicants are required to present four forms of identification (see above) as well as proof of your current immigration status, such as your I-94 card, I-20 Form or DS-2019 Form, and a letter from SSA office evidencing your ineligibility for a Social Security number.